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Looking at this picture, which cartoon character best describes you? Is it the “sequential” character to the left or the “spatial” character to the right? These characters, to some degree, represent your learning style. There is the auditory- sequential model (also known as “normal”) and the visual-spatial learner model (also known as “abstract” or “Why did you do that that way? Do it in order!”). I am proud to say that I am of the visual-spatial kind. Visual-spatial learners are individuals who think in pictures rather than words. The visual-spatial learner has a different brain organization than auditory-sequential learners. We learn all at once, seeing the big picture first before learning the details. We visual-spatial learners are not fond of repetition and drill style learning environments. That shit drives us insane, with a small side of,” Why in the hell are we doing this again?” We do not learn in the step-by-step, Ikea educational methodology, in which most teachers choose to teach. No. We are thinking in mosaic motions- not “connect the dots, look what I’ve got!” So, get to know us. We are the artists, the musicians, the inventors, the innovative individuals. We are the paint that transforms the canvas from boredom to brilliance. We are here, visually-spatially proud.
  • 31 July 2012